Each store we build gets a little bit better. Here's the latest news and fun facts from our newest stores around the world.

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Call it a commitment to sustainability — or maybe just Yankee frugality — but at Timberl... Read More
Did you know that in our store in Milan, Italy you’ll find a 1930s wooden wardrobe from Oxford... Read More

Chicago, IL, USA

We took something old and made it into something new in the Timberland store on Michigan Ave. Check out the furniture fashioned by Cleveland Art from old industrial machinery.

Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

Our hunt for sustainable store items takes us to amazing events like the Brimfield Antique Show - the largest outdoor antiques show in the world!

Szczecin, Poland

Old school suitcases, antique radios, retro frames, salvaged light fixtures... those are just a few of the many reused items you can find at our Timberland store in Szczecin, Poland. In addition to its beautiful reclaimed store displays (even one of the table tops is made from old doors), this Timberland store is full of subtle nods to Szczecin’s heritage as a seaport town.

Boston, MA, USA

Thackeray or third grade math? Old schoolbooks are hidden up in the rafters at our Newbury Street store. Find out why.

Milan, IT

Un sacco di cose cool is Italian for “lots of cool things” and that pretty much sums up this store. Look for tables built from 19th century window shutters. A wooden wardrobe from Oxford University circa 1930 and the most amazing piece of honey-toned marble that workers unearthed upon store construction.

San Francisco, CA, USA

It took a cable car ride, a pep talk and a couple pairs of Timberland® Earthkeepers® boat shoes to get them pumped and ready to go! In a challenge of "eco" proportions, how many eco-conscious store elements can Amanda and Ramsey share in one minute?

Boston, MA, USA

Many of our Timberland® stores, including Newbury Street, use reclaimed industrial machine base tables, originating from old mills and factories, to hold our footwear and apparel.

Boston, MA, USA

Newer Timberland® stores, like our Boston store, use 18 watt LED lights. That's 75% less energy used than in older Timberland Stores.

Milan, IT

Shoes in our Milan store are displayed on a piece of history: reclaimed shutters from a flat on the well known Via Montenapoleone that date back to 1890.

Boston, MA, USA

Giving wood a second life: the Newbury Street store floors were made using reclaimed wood. Less wood in our landfills, more trees in our forests.