If butterflies could talk, we know a few thousand in Venezuela who would say, “thanks for the trees!”

Preserving the past and protecting the future are both goals of Timberland’s tree planting programs in Venezuela.  Along this tropical country’s northern coast, we’re working to support both biodiversity and history by planting native tree species in areas of need.

El Ávila National Park in Caracas covers part of the mountainous region of the coastal area of north-central Venezuela, and is home to a staggering number of diverse species, including nearly 2,000 plant species, more than 100 butterfly species and three threatened bird species.  Of particular threat to El Avila and its inhabitants are forest fires and illegal settlements.  By reforesting sections of the park, Timberland is helping to provide shelter and protection for many of the species that live there.

To date, Timberland has helped to make Venezuela 10,500 trees greener by planting araguaney (the Venezuelan National Tree), apamate, caoba, parapara and bucare, among others.  We look forward to increasing our impact and growing that number in the coming year!

Planting partners

We’re grateful for the support of organizations like the Venezuelan Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the National Institute of Parks that have aided our tree planting efforts in Caracas.  In Valencia, we work in partnership with the Environmental Ministry’s Mision Arbol campaign, the Environmental Guard, and Santa Rosa School – an institution that has been nominated for environmental education for its students.