Why are trees so important?

Besides their beauty, trees offer many benefits to the lives of humans, animals, and other living organisms. Trees provide shade, reduce CO2, release oxygen, reduce erosion through water absorption, break wind, and provide homes for wildlife. Having trees around your home can reduce costs for heating and cooling, while providing a renewable energy source. Trees also help to purify the air by trapping pollutants, dust, and smoke.

How do I plant a tree?

Planting trees is easy if you have the right tools. Whether you’re planting a seedling, a young tree, or trees to help conserve energy in your house, one of our tree planting partners, American Forests, has all the information you need to start planting today. Check out their tree planting how-to at www.americanforests.org/what-we-do/what-we-do-plant-trees/ .

When is the best time to plant trees?

In an area that stays warm year round, it’s fine to plant trees during any season other than the summer. However, if you want to plant in an area that experiences harsh or cold winters, late winter or early spring is the usually the best time to plant. If you can’t plant during the spring, planting in the fall is also okay. You should avoid the summer and winter seasons to ensure the proper growth of your young tree and to prevent exposure to harsh elements and conditions.

How much does it cost to plant a tree?

While you can pay a lot for fancy trees at garden centers ($200), you can pay as little as $5 for young tree seedlings. To save money and protect your tree, newspaper acts as a great low-cost substitute for landscaping fabric or plastic. Fertilizer and mulch won’t cost too much either. You can buy a bag of mulch (2 cu. ft.) for about $5 and fertilizer for $15 from large home and garden retailers. To buy seedlings online, visit www.arborday.org.

How will planting a tree in my yard save me money?

Trees planted near your home help to shade your house during the warmer months, reducing air conditioning costs by 10 to 50 percent. During the winter months, many trees lose their leaves, allowing sunlight in to heat your home. For more information on how to plant trees for energy savings check out one of our tree planting partners, American Forests.

Why does Timberland plant so many trees?

Timberland has planted over one million trees globally because of our dedication to doing well and doing good. We’ve planted trees for many reasons, such as to prevent erosion, protect wildlife habitats, improve air quality, and green urban areas. Check out our Tree Planting Projects page for pictures and information on all of the places we’ve planted and why.

Who plants Timberland’s trees?

Timberland trees are planted by our employees, business partners, friends, community members, Earthkeepers, service organizations, and volunteers. We’re always looking for more help.