Timberland and Legambiente. We go together like... trees and our logo.

The Italian city of Bergamo is 5,000 trees greener, thanks to the reforestation efforts of Team Timberland in Italy and our longstanding environmental partner, Legambiente. In 2011, this city in the northern Italian region of Lombardia was the site of one of our large-scale tree planting projects, intended to provide much needed shade and “green space” in Bergamo’s residential area.

We planted a true Timberland forest in Bergamo, including planting bay trees in the shape of our tree logo!

A Passionate Partner in Environmental Responsibility

Legambiente (League for the Environment) is the most widespread environmental organization in Italy.  For the past 30 years, this non-profit organization has organized environmental awareness campaigns and promotes, among other things, the use of alternative and renewable energy, energy conservation and environmental preservation.