Our commitment to sustainability is in everything we do, including how we build our stores – where we use as many eco-conscious elements as possible.

Building stores with the environment in mind.

When it comes to being environmentally-conscious, it’s not just our products we worry about. Whenever we build a new Timberland® store, we make sure it’s as responsible as we’re able to make it. First, we won’t build on undeveloped land. And we try to use as much repurposed and reclaimed materials as we can. We install more efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures. And we’re always looking for newer and better methods to build our stores in more sustainable ways. This way, our carbon footprint will always be getting smaller with each store we build.

Our Latest Projects:

Poland Store Front

Szczecin, Poland

Not only is it full of reused and reclaimed items, our Timberland store in Szczecin contains artifacts that tie back to its seaport heritage.

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San Francisco, CA, USA

Our most eco-conscious store to date can be found in one of the US's greatest outdoor gateway cities offering easy access to both the mountains and the ocean.

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Boston, MA, USA

Even the building is reclaimed - our Newbury Street store was constructed in the old Prince School.

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